Very professional. I was given a thorough consultation complete with the results I could expect. I was also given after care and follow up instructions.

Natasha B.   

Great work! I needed to fade only part of my tattoo for a cover up. The removal worked like a charm. Now my tattoo looks great!

Anne B.   

One session so far... We started on a low setting to see how sensitive my skin was. The skin never really scabbed bad, so I worried it did not work. The whole piece lightened at least 2 shades in 2 months. Some parts really faded more, and I have no scarring or skin discoloration. Really happy to know my body is responding and I can't wait to see results after my 2nd session this week! Hopefully we can turn up the intensity of the laser a little and see what we can really do!

Sunny B.   

Awesome work. Thank you for all of your help Gretchen.

Clamity B.   

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